Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our Gratitude for The Blue Collar Bar Fundraiser

Thank you Kimberly Jones of The Blue Collar Bar in Dallas, Texas, who organized a raffle/ art auction fundraiser for our sanctuary!

The hundreds of cats, dogs, employees, and volunteers thank you.

Kimberly Jones helped to raise over $1,500 for the shelter, along with many gifts for our furry friends including food, litter, toys and beds.

Artists who contributed to the auction include Andra Rogers, Lorene Herrera, Ed Hall,
Adiel Cohen, Erica Sutherland, Erica Felicella, Mark Merchant, Alicia Stepp Woody,
Dana McGuire, Jeremy Hughs and Jorge Perez.

Items ranged from drawings, paintings and photographs to tatoo art and jewelry. There was a wonderful array of local art and a community with warm hearts.

Many local businesses donated almost 50 raffle items to help make the event a success.